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ROCCO System Solutions

By using our remanufacturing technologies it is possible to extend the life of lube oil almost endlessly. The lube oil can be remanufactured either continuously on-line or batch wise off-line.


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ROCCO Oil and Separation Boosters

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ROCCO separation boosters and additives ensure the separability and desired properties of the oil. Our oil is composed of high quality Hydro-Treated and Hydro-Cracked base stocks. Heavy grades are made from high viscosity mineral base stocks or from synthetic base stocks like PAO.

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SORC 2A fully integrated process plant for slop oil, using a combination of surface chemistry and thermochemical separation technologies. The plant can process both slop oil and industrial emulsions and can be built in a variety of sizes. 


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New Oil Recovery Center at Ragn-Sells

Scandinavia’s leading waste management company is upgrading their waste oil handling by a new high tech Oil Recovery Center at Högbytorp. Högbytorp is Sweden’s biggest recycling facility and the Oil Recovery center will be an integrated part of the circular economy. RecondOil is proud be part of this breakthrough development by delivering a complete process solution. www.ragnsells.se

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New R&D project for reconditioning of lubrication oil in marine applications

shipThe project members are a strong Nordic team of entities that collectively represent all aspects of the marine industry; RecondOil, Alfa Laval, Wärtsilä and Marintek.

RecondOil’s and the project’s goal is to reduce lubrication oil consumption, fuel consumption and to improve the environmental performance of marine engines. We will accomplish this by developing an in-situ oil cleaning technology based on the combination of chemical and mechanical phase separation techniques, something that is totally new and innovative on the market.




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Recond Oil – TOP TEN in Nordic Cleantech Open

RecondOil nominated as one of the Top 10 most promising cleantech companies in the Nordics

topten”Nordic Cleantech Open presents the 10 most promising cleantech startups in the Nordic countries. The ten companies represent the very best and most innovative within novel Nordic cleantech. The companies have been selected through a very thorough selection among over 100 applicants”. The finals will be held as part of the Cleantech Capital Day 19-21 May in Malmö.


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